Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Easy DIY Projects to Bring in the Beachy Outdoors This Summer

    Now that Summer has arrived, it's time to slow down a bit and enjoy the things around you that get blanketed all winter long.  Try these touches to your decorating that are easy breezy, and bring into your life the beauty and tranquility of the beach or seaside.

pansies in boxes
Photo by Lucyna Andrzejewska

1. Plant pansies indoors in pots and have the beauty of seaside patio flower beds surrounding you even if you have indoor work to do.  Here is a how-to guide that will help get you started.

simple shells in shadowboxes craft

2. Did you collect seashells on your last trip to the beach?  Your options for DIY shell crafts are endless, but this one could not possibly get any easier.  These simple shell shadowboxes don't even require one drop of glue!  They would pair up well with these handmade artisan seashell frames if you have some sweet faces that you'd like to surround with seashells.

DIY Nautical rope ottoman

3. This project comes with a bonus  ... you get to recycle too! If  you can get your hands on a spare tire, you can take advantage of the recent trend in nautical rope decorating and make this nautical floor cushion.  Pair it up with a rope table lamp --or rope floor lamp, if you prefer the thicker rope look.

DIY Faux Coral

4. Want the look of this coral?  Make your own faux coral!  Watch this video from BHG.com on an inexpensive way to create a trendy, expensive-looking coral.

DIY leaf frames

5. Pressed leaves arrangements reflect another trend right now in home decorating, and you can have the look yourself for a fraction of the cost.  If you live in a tropical location, you might find Cecropia or some similiarly tropical looking plant to create unique art like this.

Have you created or completed some DIY projects that would fit into this theme?  Feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments, and perhaps we'll revisit this topic in a few weeks.  We'd love to display what you've done.

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