Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cool coastal bedroom ideas ...

We're working on lots of new things over here at so I don't have time to be wordy. I'm sure you don't mind.;)Still,you came here to see something beautiful and beachy, so I've put together a few pictures of bedroom retreats that seem to match the rain pouring, pouring down here in the midwest.

beach house bedroom tripod lamp

Notice that table lamp ... it's totally MAKING this room, if you ask me. Get the Tripod Table Lamp here.

beach house bedroom starfish

I love that they used the same pillow three times across the bed.  You can get your own starfish pillows here!

coastal bedroom

Don't you think this beautiful throw casually laid on the bed begs you to come on in and  stretch out?

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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Versatile Nautical Oar

Have you considered all the ways oars can play a part in your beach home decorating?? Here are some of our favorite ways to style oars.

nautical oars decor

Doesn't this wall look like it could tell you a story ... each piece having a history?

oars beach house

Oars can create moods that range from the rustic to the "young and adventurous."

nautical decor oars

But then there are those romantic, slow, lazy afternoons rowing on the lake ...

nautical bedroom oars

An oar placed vertically can fit a space like not other object.

nautical decor oars

Or lean casually up against the wall like a laid back old friend who is comfortable to be just be there, quiet.

nautical bathroom oars porthole mirror
oars nautical decor

Don't forget the oar's functional side: coat hooks, towel racks, curtain rods.  There is no end to the ways you could subtly incorporate an oar into your beach house decorating.

oars decor towel rack

oars decor towel rack

Did you know oars could be so versatile? Tell us how you've used oars in your decorating.  For oars and other nautical decor items, visit


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bring the beach home.

Our shower is our daily reminder of our days spent on the beach. We’ve always loved combing the beach for the “perfect” shell and this time we were in the initial stages of our master bathroom renovation back home in the Midwest. 

Beach home bathroom

Take a closer look! We simply popped a few random stones out of the tiles and replaced them with the gorgeous patterns, textures, and colors of our souvenirs from the sea, filling our landlocked lives with a sea of memories. 

Shells in shower

Who says you can’t have the beach if you don’t live on the coast? Coastal living is not just a physical location We found our own way to bring the beach home! What’s yours?  
shell shower

Go to and snag yourself some items that will help you bring the beach home. Now is a great time because we are running a 15% promotion for Independence Day.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Beach + Bedroom + Octopus = Perfection

Some people would be a little uneasy about an octopus in their bedrooms,  above their heads ... but I think these are fabulous. I just can't get over the beauty of these creatures, and how they enhance these beach bedrooms. Take a look ...

Perhaps you'd like an Octopus on your walls or bed, or even in your kitchen ... They are in interesting, unique take on the coastal bedroom scene, and it's worth exploring it.

Octopus Wall Art
Octopus Wall Art

Octopus Kitchen Towel
Octopus Kitchen Towel

Octopus Pillow Fuscia
Octopus Pillow Fuscia

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let's Pretend We're Lying on the Beach Together

Fouta Beach Towel

Hey, come here. Take off your shoes, put your toes in the sand, sit down on this beach towel next to me and let’s have a chat.

I’m new at blogging for business, but I really want to do it right. Word on the street is that customers --you -- want to know the people they are buying from, and we’re all about transparency and authenticity here at Stylish Beach Home, so we’re down with that. The feeling is mutual; we love having a personal interface with our customers.  We’re not the Big Guys. We don’t want to be the Big Guys.  We want to be that one little shop where you know you’ll find the perfect thing for your beach home, whether it’s on a beach or not.  You’ll soon see an introductory post and more personal stories where you’ll get to know the names and faces behind  So exciting!
Right now we’re working on adding products to Stylish Beach Home that are really trendy in the world of beach home decor. Interior design magazines have been crazy about beach themed accessories and coastal wall decor, and we are making sure that you have the best of the best to choose from. We want you to think of this blog as the place you can come for beach theme d├ęcor ideas, stylish outdoor furniture, and tidbits about beach homes or vacations in general. I would definitely recommend following  us on Pinterest too … sooooo much inspiration to be had there.
So stay tuned to this channel (Subscribe to our RSS feed, please!) and get to know us.You can be sure you’ll feel the love and feel the inspiration. Even when things get crazy, life’s always good at the beach!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mom, can we use your beach home?

It was Sunday December 23, 2007 and about 22 degrees in Cincinnati, OH when I told my husband that we need to get out of here. I suggested that we go to Naples, FL where my parents have a beach home!

I didn’t really listen to his answer because it went something like this: “no way. It’s a 17 hour drive, we have to be here for Christmas, and we have to be home by New Year’s Day! And I will be the one doing all the driving!” After a little debate (that I won) as well as pleading with my parents to use their beach home, we decided to leave on the 26th and return on January 1.

Little did we know that on December 26, 2007 we started a family tradition that has been going strong for 6 years with no end in sight. At 4 AM, we loaded up the minivan with our two kids, my sister, her two kids, coloring books, iPods, DVD players, food to feed an army, and off we went.

Seventeen long hours later, we rolled into my parents’ beach home and our short vacation had begun. The long drive was worth it. Perfect sunny weather, long beach walks, relaxation, tiki bars, picnics on the beach, and outdoor fun. It doesn’t get any better than this. It may be 20 degrees back home but we were lovin’ the summer style down on the Gulf Coast!

The ride home was a different story. I guess we weren’t the only ones that decided to go down south for the holidays. Bad weather, bad traffic, and cranky kids helped contribute to a 22 hour trek!

I highly recommend a spontaneous trip with your family. However, there are several things that you cannot do without on a long drive: car charger for your cell phone, iPad/Tablet charger, headphones for kids unless you want to hear video games for hours on end, iExit app which provides great information about every exit on the highway (gas stations, restaurants, etc).

Luckily we quickly forgot about the long ride home and instead looked forward to our next winter getaway.

PS: Since my parents are kind enough to allow us to stay at their beautiful beach home, I intend to spruce it up a little on my next visit with a couple of these chic pillows!
Starfish pillow

Blue Crab pillow

Crab linen pillow

Seahorse Pillows

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Introducing ... Driftwood!

Here at, we are always looking for artisans who are producing something unique to bring you the best options for beach home furniture and luxury beach decor. We love to show clients that there is more out there than you can find at the big box stores.

You may already know that nautical rope decor is very trendy right now. We'd like to introduce you to what we believe is the next big thing in decorating your beach home ...
driftwood floor lamp


This is the Rustic Driftwood Floor Lamp.  This unique lamp captures the essence of the beach or seaside, and it HAS to appeal to the heart of those who love environmentally friendly decorating.  Driftwood accessories are rising in popularity because of their unique, one-of-a-kind nature, and their ability to add nature and texture to your stylish living room.  I imagine this floor lamp providing beautiful contrast next to your white sofa, in a room full of neutrals and soft blues.  Something like this, except maybe in a cozier corner.

coastal living room

Would you like to see more? Here is another driftwood floor lamp, a table lamp, and another that has two light sockets,

How would you style your living room or bedroom with this sophisticated lamp with so much natural beauty?

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Easy DIY Projects to Bring in the Beachy Outdoors This Summer

    Now that Summer has arrived, it's time to slow down a bit and enjoy the things around you that get blanketed all winter long.  Try these touches to your decorating that are easy breezy, and bring into your life the beauty and tranquility of the beach or seaside.

pansies in boxes
Photo by Lucyna Andrzejewska

1. Plant pansies indoors in pots and have the beauty of seaside patio flower beds surrounding you even if you have indoor work to do.  Here is a how-to guide that will help get you started.

simple shells in shadowboxes craft

2. Did you collect seashells on your last trip to the beach?  Your options for DIY shell crafts are endless, but this one could not possibly get any easier.  These simple shell shadowboxes don't even require one drop of glue!  They would pair up well with these handmade artisan seashell frames if you have some sweet faces that you'd like to surround with seashells.

DIY Nautical rope ottoman

3. This project comes with a bonus  ... you get to recycle too! If  you can get your hands on a spare tire, you can take advantage of the recent trend in nautical rope decorating and make this nautical floor cushion.  Pair it up with a rope table lamp --or rope floor lamp, if you prefer the thicker rope look.

DIY Faux Coral 

4. Want the look of this coral?  Make your own faux coral!  Watch this video from on an inexpensive way to create a trendy, expensive-looking coral.

DIY leaf frames

5. Pressed leaves arrangements reflect another trend right now in home decorating, and you can have the look yourself for a fraction of the cost.  If you live in a tropical location, you might find Cecropia or some similiarly tropical looking plant to create unique art like this.

Have you created or completed some DIY projects that would fit into this theme?  Feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments, and perhaps we'll revisit this topic in a few weeks.  We'd love to display what you've done.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Brilliant Beaches just recently released their take on the World's 100 Best Beaches, which might have been better titled "100 Glimpses into Heaven." From stunning aerial views to penguins, you're destined to find something beatific.  Only have a few minutes?  They outline the Top 25 in a teaser that will surely get you daydreaming about your next trip to the beach.  Now off to your beach dreams!

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beautiful beaches