Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7 Things to Stock in Your Beach Home Rental

Here are 7 things your guests wish you'd stock in your beach home rental … which will keep them coming back every year!
Don’t make your guests pack everything!   These little things can go a long, long way to making your guests take the easy route and book with you again next year.

Giant Coffee Cup
1. Sugar packets & creamer.  Don’t provide the coffee pot, giving the illusion that your guests can wake up to steaming hot coffee in the morning, if you’re not going to provide sugar & creamer.  Some of your guests simply will not drink coffee without it.


Deck Beach Towels

2. Beach towels.  It’s an easily overlooked item, and your guests will be relieved to find some in your linen closet that they can take to the beach.

Girl putting on sunscreen

3. Sunburn Prevention/Remedy.  A little bottle of sunscreen or burn salve/aloe gel will go a long way to making your guests feel as though you thought of their comfort.  Yes, the might have packed it, but they might run out; a week's a long time.

Wifi Symbol

4. Working Wifi. Also provide clear instructions on how to log on to it.  Ditto for televisions and cable/satellite service.


5. A list of local stores and especially fun things for vacationers to do.  Spell out whether or not they’ll need licenses for fishing, crabbing, etc.



6. Bikes, boogie boards, beach umbrellas, beach chairs … have a few larger items that aren’t as likely to get carried off.  It’s difficult for vacationers to pack these types of things.  Include something in your contract that states that they will lose their deposit if any of these items are missing, so that  you can cover yourself.  Post an exact count of what is provided so that your guests can be sure they have located and returned all the items they used over the week.

Board games

7. Books/board games/cards.  Some of your guests might think of packing these, but many of them are not anticipating the occasional rainy day as they are envisioning themselves in your beautiful beach home. Keep them happy by helping them make lasting memories with old fashioned family fun.

Hey renters, what are some things you expected to find at your beach home or condo but didn't?