Monday, July 8, 2013

Beautiful Porches

I started this post during the lazy days following the 4th of July festivities, before it was time to return to work and kids' activities, so I've got relaxation on my mind. I came across some beautiful outdoor settings that I want to show you, partly because I'm living vicariously through these pictures. We haven't seen the sun in days. Are you thinking of building an ark where you are?? UPDATE: We are seeing the sun; WE ARE SEEING THE SUN!

Why don't you join me for a moment and have a lazy day at least in your mind ... for a few minutes ... Bring a glass of lemonade in those neat Ball jars that you have. OK here's where we are sitting for a few minutes.

tropical porches

This is a round porch. Isn't it amazing how a shape can make such a difference in how a room feels? is currently working to find wicker furniture to add to our products and I cannot wait to announce it to you! In my mind, nothing says "Southern" like wicker furniture.  What to notice: lots of plants.  There is no underestimating how much warmth and calmness a few plants can add to a space, and they are very budget-friendly.

tropical porches

This is called a Sleeping Porch.  I love how this homeowner just went right for it and added beds. What to notice: Window treatments on the outside add a luxuriousness to this room and can also be very budget-friendly. This particular porch seems to be protected from the weather, which leaves the possibilities a little more open, but don't let that discourage you. Some beds, like these below, are made to withstand the elements.

beach house patio

Ahh ... can't you just see yourself draped across one of these in some shady area of your porch, patio, or deck.  Why I think I see someone bringing you a drink right now.  You can purchase these at and receive free shipping.

tropical porches

Again, I present to you a shady porch with beautiful wicker furniture.  Is this post about wicker furniture?  I think not.  But who can resist?  Chaise lounges are the perfect combination of style and relaxation.  What to notice: this homeowner added not only the previously seen lanterns and plants, but also lamps.  (They look like oyster shell lamps, which completely intrigue me!) Bringing indoor items to your outdoor rooms extends not only your square footage but also the personality and comfort that you created indoors.  Even if the temperature weren't perfect, would you want to leave this spot?
Please feel free to leave a comment telling us your favorite feature of a porch.  If you see one you love, leave a link to it.  We want to check it out!