Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is Your Coastal Decorating Style?

We’ve done a little searching to find the most popular styles for beach home decorating. There’s an awful lot of coast in this awesome country that we live in, so there are many different flavors of coastal decorating to choose from in your quest to reflect or bring home the beach. Some examples of things that influence coastal decorating are: ethnic groups, religious influence, local traditions, military posts, climate, history of the area, local nature, commerce, and type of coast

You may not have known there were so many ways and styles to incorporate coastal decorating in your own home to reflect your personality and what you love.  We're going to show you some examples and even help you get the look!

American Coastal Cottage

Think: Beach House

Main characteristics: casual, natural fibers, infused with light, neutrals and blues, distressed/light colored wood, beachy nature (shells, coral, driftwood)stripes.

American Coastal Cottage

Think: Pacific Island

Main characteristics: Casual, mosquito netting, coconut and bamboo fibers, large scale prints of palm fronds and banana leaves, tropical plants, exotic woods, wide paddled fans, tropical wood accents.

Tropical Living room

teak accessories
Teak Root Jar
Tropical pillows
Tropical Pillows

Nautical Chic

Think: Annapolis, MD

Main characteristics: Wide stripes, lighthouses, thick nautical rope, maritime accents, tighter spaces, lobsters, ships, portholes, oars, Chesapeake bay.

nautical bathroom
  Nautical rope Pier Lamp
Pier Lamp
nautical accessories
Model Ship : : Porthole Mirror

nautical accessories
Wooden Newport Rowing Oar



South Beach Modern

Think: Miami

Main characteristics: large, open spaces, large accessories, minimalistic accessorizing, abstract art, bold or neutral colors, shiny glossy surfaces, contemporary.

modern dining room
Sharyn Cairns Photography

modern beach furniture
Elio Chair (above) Civic Center Long Coffee Table (below)

Cape Cod Style

Think: Nantucket

Main characteristics: Renovated homes, whitewashed picket fences, grey exterior wood, traditional side of coastal decorating, white interior paneling.

Cape Cod Style Living Room

California Coastal

Think: Santa Monica

Main characteristics: Trees inside, wickers, stone, huge furniture, mix of textures, vintage accessories, timeless charm.

California coastal living room
Contemporary Living Room by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators Ownby Design

coastal accessories
Gran Timor Sconce / Andes Jute Rug

Which one is your "coastal personality?"  Where do you see yourself in each of these styles?  Sometime down the road, I'll show you even more styles that fall under the terms Tropical, Coastal, and Beachy!