Thursday, August 1, 2013

Girl Dorm Room Ideas

Well, it's getting to be that time that folks are starting to think about the new school year . *Flinches* I know ... I said it.  But you have been, haven't you?  We'd all like to just stretch out in the sunshine and forget about what's coming, but we are even more afraid of not being prepared when it's here.

Which leads me to dorm rooms.  Which leads me to dorm room decorating ideas.  If you are sending a child off to a dorm room this year, you must do them the favor of helping them take that cold, institutional-looking box ...

bare dorm room

 ... and turn it into a place that feels like home.  Their home.  Their little beach home!  Why not?!

coastal dorm room

First thing's first: Hide that ugly, cold floor.  This rug has been described as "ethereal" and "cloud like" and is a much better to step onto on a cold winter morning.  Can't you just feel it between your toes?  Treat your student's feet!  It comes in a variety of sizes (unlike that dorm room).

shag rug
Paper Shag Rug

Now let's move on to dorm room bedding.  That bed needs layers! Start with the basics:  luxuriously soft viscose sheets, then top it with our Jacaranda Duvet Cover.  You can choose from several different embroidery choices to create the coastal themed dorm room you envision:

coastal bedding

coral embroidery

crab embroidery

beach chair embroidery

There are many, many more choices!

Finish off the bed with these pillows, for that pop of color.

crab pillow
octopus pillow

hydranga pillow

Your college student will need seating, so we recommend this affordable Match chair.  Easy to move.  Easy to clean.

modern white chair
Match Chair

Drape it with this wrap, which doubles as a throw for those cold nights of studying in December.

classic fouta towel
Classic Fouta Towel

Now let's move on to dorm room decor.  You won't want to clutter the place up, but a few items like this mermaid or this rustic crab might really add that touch of whimsy your college student's dorm room.

rustic iron mermaid
Seaworn Cast Iron Mermaid

rustic iron crab
Rustic Cast Iron Crab

And don't forget the walls!  Try a little DIY art project.  Beautiful doesn't have to be complicated.

seahorse DIY art
Click for the tutorial

Light up the room ...
seahorse lamp
Seahorse Lamp

 ... add a mirror ...

porthole mirror
Gloss White Porthole Mirror

and voila!  You have a completely transformed dorm room!  Your student will thank you and you will feel better.

Check back soon for dorm room ideas for boys ...