Friday, August 16, 2013

Updating Your Beach Patio

What's the fastest way to update your patio furniture?  Why, outdoor pillows, of course!

Just like our decorative pillows, we have something for everyone. Select the link below each pillow for details and purchasing information.

Coordinating pillows.

outdoor beach house pillows
Coral Shell Pillow  |  Blue & Orange Stripe Pillow  |   Blue & Orange Coral Pillow

outdoor beach house pillows
Lime Coral Print Pillow  |  Mandarin Coral Print Pillow  |  Blue & White Coral Print Pillow

Blue and Orange Coral Pillow Blue and Orange Stripe Pillow Coral Shell Pillow Image Map

Lime Coral PillowTwo of a kind ... Mandarin Coral Pillow Blue and White Coral Pillow Image Map

Double up!

outdoor red floral pillows
Large Red Floral Pillows
outdoor black pillows
Black & White Geometric Pillow

Large Red Floral Pillows Large Red Floral Pillow Image Map

Black and White Geometric Pillow Black and White Geometric Pillow Image Map

Summer might be almost over, but the weather is still beautiful in most parts of the country.
And pretty soon it will be fire pit season.  Don't pass up the chance to have the best seating around.