Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Ways to Bring the Beach Home - A starting point.

Coastal decorating is a popular choice in home decor these days, but not just for beach homes. Coastal decor and beach theme decorating may never go out of style. Its calm sand-and-water color palette and the uncomplicated ease with which one can decorate around a single theme help even the most insecure decorators find success. Alternately, interior designers can use beach themed decor for those who want a calm touch without compromising on variety.

Many people wonder how they can adapt their current home to the coastal decorating style.  You don't have to actually live on the coast to enjoy the beach bungalow style. Here are 5 ways that you can achieve the look yourself.

1. Paint your walls in watery blues and sandy hues. You will add instant serenity to your space by removing bright colors from the periphery and adding in that sense of "visual eternity" that mimics the coastline.

2. As you can see, you can even achieve the look if you don't have the all white furniture that usually accompanies the coastal look. Repeat the colors of taupes, tans, and whites in the furniture, rugs, and curtains to create a blank canvas backdrop for your accessories. Changing them out for a fresh look won't require you to redo when you just need a little variety.

Tidewater Landing Showroom from Coastal Living

3. Bring whimsical nautical or coastal fabric patterns into your room by way of pillows, pillow covers, and table linens. Adding a bright, beautiful lobster or octopus pillow to your couch is like adding a title to your story. There are so many sea creatures or plants to choose from, so pick the one that speaks to you in tone and color.

Coastal pillows

4. Next choose your accessories.  It's okay to mix some of your current accessories with some nautical or beach themed accessories, but it's important to carry out the color palette in the pieces too. You might start with white washed candle holders or a barnacle vase,

or go for a more nautical look with model ships or porthole clocks.

Lastly, think about your lighting. Many designers choose lighting that compliments a space, but doesn't overtly shout the theme, like these celing lamps.

Gran Timor Pendant : : Granite Ceiling Lamp : : Fission Ceiling Lamp

But it's always an option to use your lamps as accessories to the room.

Rustic Driftwood Floor Lamp : : Seahorse Lamp : : Pier Table Lamp

Don't be intimidated!  Just get started, and you'll see how easily things work together to allow you to create that perfect coastal look!