Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beach House Tour: A Gulf Coast Vacation Rental

As discussed in this post and shown in this post, it's not altogether uncommon to find beach house rentals that are short on style and updates.  So when I find them done right, I like to celebrate them.

Welcome to 297 Red Cedar Way, in lovely Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  This beautiful vacation rental is offered as one of the accommodation options by the Water Color Inn & Resort.  It is just a short walk to the beach.

The living room is not as spectacular as the rest of the house, but there are some stylish ikat chairs, a natural fiber rug, and some beach house pillows. The master bedroom is quite well done, however.  That wall color is just perfect.

Find a rug like that here:

Here is another "master" that could be used by another couple in the vacation party, just as well done, with blues being used as blue-grey in the bed linens and curtains. I am loving this interior designers solution to the wood-floor-in-the-bedroom problem: treat the space between the bed and the wall as its own tiny gathering area by using a rug.

The guest or children's bedrooms are no less stylish, and the designers capitalized on the opportunity to be playful and colorful.

The kitchen has a little room for more flair, and I probably would have chosen these chairs instead, but it has a lot of potential, if only they shop at  ; )

OK, in all honesty, this is one room I'm kinda disappointed in.  I feel like it is a departure from the rest of the house's style, and it could use new table, chairs, lighting, and art.  At least it's got great paint color and wainscoting.

Besides, I can forgive this dining room its sins, because there is not one, but TWO even better places to gather and dine with friends. Again, it could use some accessories, but that is to be expected since there aren't any guests there yet to make it the warm place that it will become.

I think it's my nostalgia for my childhood, but I just love screened in porches. Especially when a storm was on its way and the wind would be blowing so hard, we children would feel so much excitement on the screened porch my Daddy had built from our carport. I can just see a crab boil on this table!

Look at the fabulous outdoor furniture they have here!  Seems like they have already found us!