Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coastal Paint Colors: Land and Sand

Coastal paint colors: we covered the surf, now let's focus on turf. You can't have one without the other. If you tend more toward earth tones and terra firma, vegetation and fauna, these coastal color palettes might appeal you to. Explore everything from moss to sand ;large rocks to distant mountains.

Try these Sherwin Williams colors: Friendly Yellow 6680, August Moon 7687, Gold Vessel 7677,
Basil 6194, Refresh 6751, Tradewind 6218

Coastal living room with sandy earth tones, mellow turquoise walls, and a warm pop of the sunset for an accent color.


Try these Sherwin Williams paints (top to bottom):
Starry Night 6540, Artichoke 6179, Jargon Jade 6753, Aloe 6464, Cottage Cream 7678

Sandy, earthy, natural fiber tones, made vibrant by the green of floral cushions


Try these Sherwin Williams Colors (top to bottom): Cloudburst 6487 , Composed 6472, Paper Lantern 7676, Whole Wheat 6121, Offbeat Green 6706

Earth, sand, sky, water ... all the elements of nature are covered in this coastal color palette.

Try these Benjamin Moore paints (L to R): Deep Mulberry 2069-10, Mink Violet 1252, Captivating Teal 649, Antiguan Sky 2040-60, Piano Concerto 1445

Paint your room with colors of the mountains and the waters that they nestle between them.

Distant mountain shadows mix well with the powdery sand of the beach.

Try these Bemjamin Moore paints (L to R):
Instinct AF-575, Riviera Azure 822, Washington Blue CW-630, Hazy Blue 2040-50, Candle White 2164-70,
Icicle 2142-70

Try these Benjamin Moore paints (L to R):
Palladian Blue HC-144, Marina Bay 2036-50, Kokopelli Teal 648, Alligator Alley 441, Laguna Yellow 291

Marine colors pair with ferns and the fibers of nature.