Monday, October 14, 2013

Inkblot Test: Coastal Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lighting is an interesting thing. Like art, one piece can be interpreted many different ways.

For instance, this light fixture could be classified as modern lighting. And it is a modern ceiling light, often found right at home in contemporary or modern decor.

modern ceiling lamp
Intergalactic Ceiling Lamp

But when I see it, I see a moon shell.

Moon Shells

Here is another modern light, that often finds its way into beach homes.

Modern spiky ceiling light
Sapphire Ceiling Lamp

Alone, you might look at it and wonder how the "coastal" connection could be made, but I have a guess:

Light that looks like Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin

Now you try. Quick!

First thing that pops into your mind:

Ceiling Lamp like Octopus Tentacles
Proxima Ceiling Lamp

Did you think of an octupus' tentacles?

You're good! Try another one ...

Sea Sponge!

Sea Sponge : : Sea Sponge detail

One more.  This one is pretty easy ...

Vector Ceiling Lamp

Ocean bubbles, obviously.

 Now for some inspiration. Check out the cool ways that modern lighting was incorporated into coastal decor.

Nebula Ceiling Lamp and the Symmetry Ceiling Lamp would help you get this look.

Vector Ceiling Lamp and the Inertia Ceiling Lamp create this "ocean bubbles" effect.

For several versions of the "sea urchin" look, take a look at the Physics Ceiling Lamp, Propulsion Ceiling Lamp, Pulsar Ceiling Lamp, Sapphire Ceiling Lamp Small, and Sapphire Ceilign Lamp Large.

So what was the point of this little exercise?  Today we learned 2 things:
1) Don't judge a ceiling light without consulting your imagination.
2) Modern lighting can be used in coastal decor that isn't necessarily modern
Class dismissed!


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