Thursday, November 21, 2013

Coastal Living Showcase Home 2013

Well, since it's almost 2014, we'd probably best get on with taking a look at the Coastal Living 2013 Showcase Home. It will probably be summer of next year before the new one is open for viewing, but since there is so much to love about summertime I think it's only fair that we save a little bit of fun for the cold, dark days.

The Coastal Living Showcase House, also called the Coastal Living Idea House, is exactly what you think it is: it's a dream home in a coastal town, with builders and interior designers handpicked by Coastal Living Magazine and sponsers galore. Win, win for everyone.  Even you and I get to win because we get tour the house and get great ideas for coastal decorating from the pros.

There are lot of photos, so let's just look at the main ones that give you a flavor for the house. You can go here to see the rest of them.

Coastal Living Showcase Home 2013

First impression: love at first sight! Beach homes can come in all shapes and sizes and budgets, but when it comes down to it a more traditional looking beach house is going to rise to the top of my favorites list every time. A bonus: the trusses on the exterior of the house that give you the feel of a Bahama shutter, often seen in southern/island architecture.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters

I guess the only thing they could have done better would be to actually install Bahama shutters, but I'm going to let them go on the grounds that they picked an awesome paint color for said shutters. Favorite front elevation feature: grand entrance stairs. Again, my southern roots are showing. Homes in the deep south often don't have basements because of the low water table and floods brought on my hurricane season, so having to go up to the front door is common. Besides, it makes a great statement. The back exterior is no less grand and beautiful, and also has the entrance stairs:

Coastal Living Showcase Home 2013

I always like to jump right to the main rooms of the house because I think they give the best flavor of the house. The next two photos show both sides of the living room. The kitchen is behind this aqua couch. Nice choice of Seagrass Rug for the floor. It gives texture and keeps the integrity of the coastal look.

Coastal Living Showcase Home 2013 Living Room

Coastal Living Showcase Home 2013 Living Room

The kitchen is a winner too, although I would have chosen a subtle color for the backsplash.

Coastal Living Showcase Home 2013 kitchen

And while I do love the hanging ceiling lamps, I would have chosen to add a little color. Three of these Madera Pendants in the teal crackle finish. (All of our white sconces and finishes are customizable. Email us at stylishbeachhome at to order this pendant and for finish details!)

Custom Pendant Light

Custom Pendant Teal finish
Teal Crackle Finish

You can't go wrong with this killer view, and these designers made the most of it by situating the dining room with full visual access to it. Comfortable dining chairs keep your guests cozy during the lingering after-dinner conversation.

Coastal Living Showcase Dining Room

Not like these nooks are crannies aren't completely satisfying and exciting -- they are. Maybe even more so. 

Coastal Living Showcase Entryway

Coastal Living Showcase Outdoor Shower

Almost every interior space of the home, including the home office, has access to some outdoor space. They kept it simple, but it's a job well done. This is a good example of how to incorporate outdoor furniture of one type with side tables and accents that coordinate but don't match.

Coastal Living Showcase Patio

Garden Stool
Seville Garden Stool

Coastal Living Showcase porch

Coastal Living Showcase Outdoor Patio

Get the look! outdoor patio
Key West Bamboo Rug :: Teal Geometric Pillow :: Harborside Buoy Ottoman :: Teal Chevron Pillow

Here are some other rooms in the house. I'll just let you have a moment with them. They are very well done.

Coastal Living Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

Coastal Living Showcase Home bathroom

Coastal Living Showcase Home bathroom

Coastal Living Showcase Home bar

Coastal Living Showcase Home Bedroom

And now we need to talk about something.

I tend to go easy on other bloggers (bloggers are our friends!) or owners of beach homes (maybe they don't know any better and didn't hire a pro ...) but I don't feel the need to go easy on the big guys over at Coastal Living. I mean, they can take it from little ol' me. What am I getting at?

I don't like this room.  At all. I can appreciate being bold, mixing patterns and colors in unexpected ways ... Sarah Richardson of Sarah's House does it all the time. And I love it.

But this ... doesn't go with the rest of the design at all and it just doesn't speak to me. Maybe it will speak to you. It's OK if it does. We can still be friends.

Coastal Living Showcase Home home office

Coastal Living Showcase Home home office

But let's end this on a good note. There is so much to like about the Coastal Living Showcase Home of this year ... let's celebrate that.

Coastal Living Showcase Home Outdoor Seating area