Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow, Ocean, or Both

I guess someone "upstairs" saw my last post on Decorating With White for the Holidays because the Midwest is currently being blanketed with every weapon in the artillery. Well, that sounds negative, but I don't really feel grouchy about it at all (in spite of the fact that I'd rather be at the beach for Christmas)!

The thing about this part of the world is that we really don't get that much snow every year, so when we get a winter storm, the weathermen start panicking enjoying it warning people and call it things like White Death to make everyone think its so serious and that they need to be watching the weather 24 hours a day. So everyone is afraid to drive, there's a run on bread at the grocery store, and everything gets cancelled. Even church got cancelled. (I'm not kidding about that!)

So with the calendar cleared on this Friday night, and the dimming world around us being covered with downy snow and icy glass, it feels like the perfect night for a family movie in front of the fireplace, popcorn, blankets, and Chirstmas decorating. Carrie Underwood's version of the Sound of Music is waiting for us on the DVR. (What did you think of it?!)

Whether you see snow or ocean or both when you look outside your window this evening, I hope you are enjoying peace and the beauty that your area gives you.