Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 Ways to a Beach House Entryway

I often point out that you don't need to live on a beach to have that beautiful beach home look, and there is no better way to send that message to your guests and family to that welcoming feeling of a beach home than by introducing it to them the minute they walk in the door. Friends meet the beach house entryway. Beach house entryway, welcome our guests.

And if you think there's only one way to do it, you're wrong. Check out this modern entryway with juuuust enough of a personality.

Modern beach house entryway

I'm feeling the Hamptons on this one. I don't know how I would feel living with an all-glass front door, but I certainly love the look of it. Maybe they have a gated property and it doesn't matter!

Hamptons Beach house entry way

Now in my house these pillows would stay on this bench only for a few seconds every day, but I think I would still put them on just to get that 60 seconds of pleasure everyday.  And I would stop in to look at it often because the color of the wall alone would make me smile.

Playful, colorful entryway

More stripes and black and white stairs , but the accessories tone down the formality of the space. They look as though they have been relaxing on the beach themselves for at least a decade.

Transitional beach house entryway

Have a spare closet? You can still use the space to capture that carefree, fun-in-the-sun feeling of beach town living. Love those pillows? Check these out!

Small beach house entryway