Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Getting Your Beach Home Ready for the Vacation Season

While most of the Midwest and even the south are still dealing with this crazy cold winter, it is nevertheless time to start thinking of spring, and vacation season. If you own an investment beach property, you are gearing up for getting the most bang for your buck from this time of year, often the most popular time for families to go on vacation. This time of year might very well pay the mortgage during the slow time, so there no time like the present to "make hay while the sun shines."

It's also the perfect time to make a few updates to your beach home to draw new groups and give your returning guests something of a boost. It's important that your guests know that they can return to their comfort zone year after year, and feel that their memories will be made in a space that continues to reflect the current times and growing of their families. Let's face it, these groups that re-book with you each year are your bread and butter. Keep them happy. Don't be a victim of this sentiment: "We went on vacation there every year for YEARS but at some point it started to look outdated and it didn't feel like a nice vacation home anymore."

Even as you read this article, you probably have a room or two in mind for updating. Do two rooms a year until you've gotten the place up to your standards. As for the other rooms, give them a boost with new towels or linens, a piece of art or a well placed rug. Whatever you do, don't let tour investment become obsolete!

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