Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cool coastal bedroom ideas ...

We're working on lots of new things over here at so I don't have time to be wordy. I'm sure you don't mind.;)Still,you came here to see something beautiful and beachy, so I've put together a few pictures of bedroom retreats that seem to match the rain pouring, pouring down here in the midwest.

beach house bedroom tripod lamp

Notice that table lamp ... it's totally MAKING this room, if you ask me. Get the Tripod Table Lamp here.

beach house bedroom starfish

I love that they used the same pillow three times across the bed.  You can get your own starfish pillows here!

coastal bedroom

Don't you think this beautiful throw casually laid on the bed begs you to come on in and  stretch out?

What's happening on your beach on this Saturday?  I see the sun starting to peek out! Hey ... don't forget to head up there on the right side of the page and follow us everywhere!