Friday, June 28, 2013

The Versatile Nautical Oar

Have you considered all the ways oars can play a part in your beach home decorating?? Here are some of our favorite ways to style oars.

nautical oars decor

Doesn't this wall look like it could tell you a story ... each piece having a history?

oars beach house

Oars can create moods that range from the rustic to the "young and adventurous."

nautical decor oars

But then there are those romantic, slow, lazy afternoons rowing on the lake ...

nautical bedroom oars

An oar placed vertically can fit a space like not other object.

nautical decor oars

Or lean casually up against the wall like a laid back old friend who is comfortable to be just be there, quiet.

nautical bathroom oars porthole mirror
oars nautical decor

Don't forget the oar's functional side: coat hooks, towel racks, curtain rods.  There is no end to the ways you could subtly incorporate an oar into your beach house decorating.

oars decor towel rack

oars decor towel rack

Did you know oars could be so versatile? Tell us how you've used oars in your decorating.  For oars and other nautical decor items, visit