Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Introducing Sailcloth Bags!

We are very excited to be introducing a brand new product line!  Friends of StylishBeachHome.com, meet our Sailcloth Bags! Made of real sailcloth, these bags will last FOREVER; they are that durable.

Sailcloth Tote Bags

This is a group shot of the ever-so-stylish (what else would they be?) tote bags. We told them to show you how good looking AND functional they could be, and what do you think they did?  They grabbed all kinds of things they could hold to show you how versatile they could be, and they even managed to subtly boast about the color choices they come in. The little one wants to really show how big it is even for being the Mini Tote -- so affordable too at only $29.99.  (We offer free shipping on orders over $50!)

Sailcloth Tote Bag XL
Sailcloth Tote Bag XL

The Sailcloth Tote Bag XL, pictured above, comes with a padded shoulder strap and is the perfect bag for bulky items such as beach towels. They all zip and have 3 layers of sailcloth on the bottom.

Square Sailcloth Duffel Bag
Square Sailcloth Duffel Bag

These gentlemen, the stronger but more square cousins of the totes, are waterproof and built to keep their contents D-R-Y. They have the same comfortable, padded shoulder strap as the Sailcloth Tote Bag XL, and they could easily fit an entire week's worth of clothing and vacation gear. For the light packer, it now comes in the Mini size and they all come in your choice of navy or red straps.

For those picnics on the beach or boat, you will be thrilled with our Sailcloth Cooler bags' thermal efficiency and easy clean up. They come perfectly sized for your small, medium, or large lunch on the go. And don't overlook the potential for gifting these bags for birthdays or Christmas (yes, it's time to start thinking about that)! We carry a Sailcloth Backpack, Sailcloth Drawstring Bag, and this Medium Sailcloth Round Duffel Bag perfect for class or the gym or anyone on your Christmas list!

Sailcloth backpack, drawstring, medium round duffel bag

Which one is for you? Please pop in the comments below and tell us what you think of our newest products! We can't get enough of them!