Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Today, I'm inspired by Seahorses. Maybe I'm just so proud of the guys, who really pull their weight in the relationship, but I'm pretty sure it's because their very appearance is deliciously whimsical and innocent. Yet, as playful as they appear, don't you see a kind of confidence and regal poise to them too?

seahorse sculpture

If you like that sculpture, you might like this Seahorse Lamp.seahorse lamp

In real life seahorses are very colorful characters, changing colors to match their surroundings and even coming in "zebra stripes" and spots. And in home decor, they are amenable to every color whim that inspires you or suits your fancy.

seahorse art
Coastal Living Magazine

Yellow Seahorse Dining Room
House Beautiful Magazine

Hey, speaking of zebra stripes, apparently seahorses can be paired with almost any pattern, including those not necessarily associated with beach decor.

seahorse living room

But don't limit them to only bright colors.  Seahorses can wow you even with neutrals and natural textures. This one single seahorse sets a subtle theme for this entire outdoor space.

seahorse DIY

Check out our pin for a DIY Seahorse Wall Art made of driftwood!

DIY driftwood
DIY Driftwood Seahorse

How you feel about seahorses?  Let us know in the comments.  Will you try this DIY project?  Let us know that too!