Friday, July 19, 2013

Luxurious pools

Would you like a little refreshment from the Dog Days of Summer?  Bathe your eyes and your mind in these refreshing pools.  It's not just about the pool, let's face it.  It's about the accessories, the frame, the setting.

Pool surrounded by stone

This is a sustainable pool (read: no chlorine) that is filtered naturally by the plants that inhabit it.  Kind of like a pristine swimmin' hole.  They framed it with a mini jungle.  Unique!

Sustainable pool no chlorine

But the setting doesn't always have to be so extravagant.  You can create a beautiful setting with the beach sofas, cabana chairs, chaise lounges, and planters that you choose to place around the pool.

outdoor cabana furniture
Natalie Younger Interior Design

You can find these pieces and more at

Outdoor furniture from

Case in point:  how this family surrounded their pool makes you forget that it is an above ground pool.  They surrounded it with materials used on their house, and a built in shower and outdoor fireplace.  Spectacular way to create the setting!

above ground pool looks like inground pool
Midwest Living

Now I've got one for  you ... could you swim in this pool?  Next question ... could you swim in this pool with children? Yikes!

I happen to have this pool cover, in this color, on my own home pool, and I am under no obligation to say how wonderful it is to have it.  It closes with the push of a button and locks closed with a key.  And our entire family of 10 could stand on it safely.  Well, safely at our house, which doesn't happen to overlook a cliff.
Pool on a cliff

 Pools ... so many different ways to build yourself a little piece of "ocean" in your own back yard.  Do you have a pool?  What do you love/dislike about it?

Visit for outdoor furniture and accessories to make your pool seem like your own personal resort destination!  Check out our Pinterest Page for more views of spectacular pools.