Monday, July 22, 2013

Food Art

While I was doing research for this post, I came across something I never knew existed: Sandwich Art. Which led to Food Art. Just in case you still haven't gone on that picnic, here are a few images that might inspire you to make your own occasion to have a picnic.  Or to just play with your food.

food art

food art birds
food art

In the interest of being the helpful blogger that I once promised to be, I present to you some art that is attainable for most.  It might even be perfect for slipping into your picnic basket to impress your guests!

food art watermelon kiwi

food art flowers tomatoes

Aaand because this is the blog for the best place for Coastal Home Decor and Beach Furntiure and I need to tie it in somehow so it looks like I was actually working today instead of playing around, here are some beach and sea inspired art. From food.

food art carrots lobster
Lobster source:unknown

food art fish

food art ocean sea life
food art octopus

food art octopus
Married Octopuses