Monday, August 5, 2013

College Dorm Room Ideas - Guys

OK, guys. You ready? Who says only girls decorate their dorm rooms?
Check out this masculine dorm room decor. Nautical dorm rooms rule!!!

dorn room for guys

Since home decor may not be your thing, but we are going to walk you through it one step at a time.  Deep breath.  It's not hard.

First things first: cover the cold, bare floor with something that will hide the ugly, cushion the toes, and isn't too finicky about crumbs.

Red shag rug
Crimson Silky Shag

Add layers to the bed.

soft grey duvet cover
Bamboo Viscose Duvet Cover

bamboo viscose sheets
Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

crab linen pillow
Big Crab White Pillow

lighthouse embroidery
Jacaranda Throw Pillow with Lighthouse

sailboat embroidery
Jacaranda Throw Pillow with Sailboat

Now you're going to want to change the walls up a bit, but keeping the effort to a minimum since this is just your temporary home, so here's what I recommend:

nautical accessories
Wooden Newport Rowing Oar with Hooks

I like two, side-by-side (or should I say top to bottom?). There are so many styles to choose from, so browse our entire selection of oars to find the one that is just right for you.

Another essential piece for your dorm room walls is a mirror, so that you have a way quickly spiff yourself up before heading out to the campus dining area. A porthole mirror would add a truly finished look to this nautical themed dorm room, and while I chose brass, there are many options available.

porthole mirror gold
Brass Porthole Mirror
porthole mirror navy
Navy Porthole Mirror
porthole mirror red
Rusted Iron Porthole Mirror

And now for my favorite part.  Seating!  So many college students are doomed to blow up chairs and beanbags for seating, but in reality affordable sophisticated seating is easy to come by.  This Helix Chair is also available in gunmetal and antique black gold.

rustic brown chair
Helix Chair

You'll need to soften it up with these:

lobster pillow
White Lobster on Red Lumbar Pillow

Plush Brush organic cotton throw
Brushed Organic Cotton Throw

And just for fun, the America's Cup Contender to make all the guys jealous.

nautical accent ship
America's Cup Contender

Oops! Almost forgot the lighting. You'll need something rad to help you through those late night study marathons ... you know, the whole purpose of college. This was a tough decision for me when choosing the lamp for this dorm room, because both options are a truly perfect fit for this room.  Behold.

Tripod table lamp bronzetripod table lamp gold

And now you're finished. See how easy that is? Take that drab dorm room up a notch or two, and really make this place your home.  And for an added bonus, you can count on free shipping on orders of $50 or more.  What are you waiting for?