Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Neutral Dorm Room

I guess this is turning into Dorm Room Decorating Week here at StylishBeachHome.com. After my first two posts on the subject I realized just how many great affordable and versatile options we have for the style- conscious student heading off to the dorms. Here we are going to show you how to get the beach bungalow look -- dorm room style. We love a great collection of soothing whites, off-whites , and just a touch of the tawny.

neutral dorm room

To cozy up that bare, drab floor, you can't go wrong with our Silky Shag Rug.

ivory silky rug
Ivory Siky Rug

Plump up the bed with our Bamboo Viscose Duvet cover in White,
White Duvet Cover
Bamboo Viscose Duvet Cover in White

but not before you swathe the bed in these sheets with a delightful piping.
Towels Piping
Pipe Stitch Sheet Set
I chose this Elio Chair in White for it's functionality and cool, sleek design.  It could be a desk chair or extra seating.

White metal chair
Elio Chair in White

But it will need a bit of softness.  I couldn't resist a bit of color.  But you could easily keep it all neutral.

Script Pillow
Blue French Script Pillow

Sultan Beach Wrap

Hydrangea Pillow
Hydrangea White Pillow
And then you brighten up the place with lighting, art, and a mirror.

Modern Floor lamp
Ion Floor Lamp
Seahorse wall art
Seahorse Wall Art

Carved Chain Circle Mirror
Carved Chain Circle Mirror
As a last minute decision, I've decided to also throw this mirror in.  Call it indecisiveness. Call it an inability to commit.  Call it what you want ... but just check it out.

White Coastal Mirror
Large Newport Mirror

Check back tomorrow for a different take on a Nautical Themed Dorm Room.  And if you're new here, don't forget to follow us on Pinterest (up there on the right)!