Friday, August 23, 2013

Decorating with Red

I read once (ha ha, pardon the pun) that a red kitchen increases appetites and makes people eat more.  I don't think my family can blame the few red things I have hanging on the walls in the eating area.  I think they just eat a lot naturally.  :-)

But there does seem to be something about red and kitchens that go together.  Bold?  It's bold without even trying.

 Bold Red

This tile is called Lush Tomato.  I am obsessed with it.


Coastal Red


Coastal Red is easy because it is the color of lobster, crabs, coral, life rings, and many nautical items.
(Psst! Here is that ship's wheel clock.)

Some nautical home decor items to help you achieve this look:

Visit to find them!

Calm Red

Give some calmness to this bold color by either using a muted tone of red, or by limiting the amount of red in an otherwise calm or neutral space. I am circling back around to kitchens again because it's just so darned irresistible.  Red and kitchens are meant for each other!

 You can get those and other chairs at!

Marius Bar Chair



Dramatic Red


I don't feel like much needs to be said here.  Total drama.  And yet, don't you want to sleep here?

Eat here?


Don't even get me started about zebra print!  I have been seeing more and more of it, and it's even starting to pop up in coastal decor, so we are working hard to get some for our store.

Wasn't red fun!?  Did you know there was a calm side to red?