Friday, August 23, 2013

Decorating With White

Pure. Pristine. Clean. Chic.

These are the words that might spring to mind when you walk into a room decorated in pure white. There is no heaviness, no clutter, no commitment.  I bring this up as a benefit, because commitment issues are a big influence on how some people prefer to decorate, and others have no choice.

This post is dedicated to those who love simplicity, and to those decorating an apartment.

Bold White


Think white can't be bold?  Think again.  The freedom and lightness in your chest that you feel from the expanse of white is bold indeed.  It is necessary to anchor it with rugs or lighting or art, and black is a common choice for this, but the sky's the limit.  You still feel the w h i t e n e s s when you step into the space.

Coastal White

Perhaps you'll think I'm cheating with this next one because it's too easy.

I mean, how easy is it to toss a great rug and a couple of oars in a white room and call it a coastal white room.  But isn't that the point?  White is easy.  Apartments are white.  Oars and other nautical accessories can make your life simpler.  Colorphobe?  White + Accessories = Easy Coastal Decorating.
And it's OK to add some color in bedroom textiles. In fact, it's encouraged!  No commitment of paint on the walls.

Calm White

That's almost like saying Catholic Pope.  Jewish Rabbi.  What else would it be?  White is soooo calm.  No muss, no clutter, just a pinch of color in the pillows. And you'll notice it takes up very little visual space, so it's great for small spaces and stressed out minds.


Dramatic White

Silver is a common pairing with white, but do not overlook the old, longstanding relationship white has with gold.  Create drama for once in your life!! One thing I want to point out here ... have you noticed what a great canvas a white room is for fabulous flooring or rugs?

Here is another bit of drama:


This homeowner created drama without even one piece of wall art or large windows.

Have you been inspired?  Has your mind been changed about decorating with white?