Monday, August 19, 2013

Introducing .... Throw Pillows

(Otherwise entitled: When Life's a Beach, Sometimes You Just Don't Get Out of the Sand to Write a Blog Post)

** UPDATE: This post was having some flaky issues with the image maps I created, so I took them down. Apparently I'm not as good at those as I thought I was. You can now  get to the pillows by selecting the link beneath the pillows.

You know how you have some friends in life -- the really, really good ones -- that you know you can just be yourself around and they'll always accept you for who you are?  Sometimes, you can even be a little inconsiderate of them, in anticipation of their forgiveness and understanding because you're just that close?

Well, I guess we're really getting close here, you and I, because clearly I feel comfortable enough to stand you up when I promise to post a really exciting post introducing our new products.  Yeah, sorry about that. My excuse is that my best friend and her family are in town visiting, and she is one of those friends that I described above. But she also one of those friends with whom you could talk for hours incessantly and never run out of topics to cover.  (In fact, I find that those two things usually go hand-in-hand in friendship.) Unfortunately, one of the topics we didn't cover yesterday is decorative throw pillows.

But hey, it's never too late for a good discussion about throw pillows!  So allow me, without further ado and excuse-making, to introduce our latest babies: Throw pillows!

We've got everything you could ever want in these decorative accessory pillows.  (Just click on the links below the ones you like and you'll be taken to for more details and buying info.)

We've got coordinating Pillows ...

Coordinating Pillows
Seahorse Turquoise Pillow | Stripe Turquoise Pillow | Coral Turquoise Pillow

Chartreuse Lime Dots Pillow Black Lime Ikat Pillow Black Dots Pillow Lime and Fuchsia Flowers Pillow Lime and Fuchsia Flowers Pillow Fuchsia Dots Pillow Coral Turquoise Pillow Stripe Turquoise Pillow Seahorse Turquoise Pillow Image Map

Coordinating Pillows
Black Dots Pillow | Black Lime Ikat Pillow | Chartreuse Lime Dots Pillow

Coordinating Pillows
Lime & Fuchsia Flowers Pillow | Fuchsia Dots Pillow | Lime & Fuchsia Ikat Pillow

Twins ...

Coordinating Pillows
Village Blue Ikat Pillow  |  Village Blue Flowers Pillow  |  Turquoise Geo Pillow  |  Turquoise Zig Zag Pillow
Warm Decorative Pillows
White Lobster on Red Pillow  |  Lime Citrine Pillow  |  Orange Damask Pillow  |  Grey & Yellow Coral Pillow

Little bit of everything pillows ...

Multi Colored Pillows
Panama Wave Pillow  |  Santa Maria Pillow  |  Savanna Pillow Cover  |  Savanna Pillow Cover

And there are more! Please visit for more! And you're welcome! :-)