Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Decorating with blue

I am starting with blue, here in Color Week, because blue is the least intimidating color for most people. It's also timeless. When housewives in the 50's and 60's were painting their walls white to make their homes seem bigger, and accentuating in pale yellow because because it was safe, many of them still felt brave enough to paint a bedroom or powder room blue. And blue has been faithful through the ages, in all its reliable, soothing, safe iterations.

But blue can also be exciting, new, and daring.  Would you typically think of blue as a modern color?
Here is is boldly displayed, paired with silver and white. (All products are linked beneath images, directly to where you can find them at StylishBeachHome.com.)

Bold Blue

blue kitchen

coastal kitchen accessories
Criss Cross Counter Chair | Gran Timor Pendant | Fission Ceiling Lamp

This designer gave the boldness of this room a sensible side with the black and white decor.  Just a splash of red is enough.  Bold blue is often paired with black andwhite, or red or orange -- because it's opposite on the color wheel.

decorating with blue

Even a bold statement with blue, if given the right placement, doesn't have to feel like it is risky.  If you want to be daring, but not so much so, this shade of blue feels like the right balance.  No other bright colors were added, just soothing whites and the warm wood tones.

Calm Blue

blue tile kitchen

Most people probably think of lighter shades of blue for the coastal look, but this designer didn't shy away from using this deeply saturated blue in not only wall color but accessories too. And yet, you can see the counter-balance of white here again.  Blue can be center stage.

Coastal Blue

Navy Blue walls Bedroom

But I will always be a sucker for those traditional coastal blues and whites, used in a transitional way here. From the wall of windows to the open concept, this entire room exudes tranquility. It all starts with the shade of blue.

I included this photo because it's so similar to the type of decorating I'm into right now.  Neutral backgrounds create a blank canvas for intense color options.  Blue can be only in the accessories, and you'll still capture the calm, cheerfulness of this color.

Coastal Bedroom

Coastal Bedroom accessories
Bamboo Viscose Duvet Cover
Pillows Top: Starfish Clementine Pillow | Sand Dollar Pillow
Pillows Middle: Big Crab Indigo Pillow | Big Crab White Pillow
Pillows Bottom: Octopus Persimmon Pillow | Seahorse Indigo Pillow

Blue can be dramatic. Very dramatic. This room is over-the-top in luxury and sensationalism, but still grabs your attention in such a way that you actually believe it.

Dramatic Blue

Dramatic blue room

beach home accessories
Quiet Water Art | Blast Ceiling Lamp | Savanna Pillow Cover | Lahiana Side Table

Lest you think that deep, bright, loud blues are the only ones suitable for a dramatic room, take a look at the use of three different shades of blue here, each one calm and secure on its own, but creating high drama when paired with the right combination of textures, styles, and colors. Tufted couch, 

beach home accessories
Top Row L to R: Artifacts Bench | Sardine Clementine Print | Blue Skies Print | Mini Winere Lamp
Bottom: Brushed Organic Cotton Throw | Big Crab Turquoise Pillow | Teal Ikat Pillow on Natural | Nob Hill Beige Sofa | Lahiana Side Table