Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beach House Tour: Nantucket, Massachusetts

Good news, folks.  This one's for sale.  For a cool $10 mill (plus) you can own this perfect Nantucket beach home ... all 8,333 square feet of it. This is where you can inquire.

Things I love about this house: its symmetry (I can't help it), the spiral staircase, multiple double doors to get out back and the checkerboard grass-n-patio that leads to those luxurious chairs.  Are you with me on this?

Dark wood has its place in coastal decor, and here is a good example of how it can be incorporated in a room without interrupting the serene white and tan tones that work so well with a beach home.

Apparently there is a living room and dining room upstairs as well as down. This is a traditional scene that could not be more perfect for a house in such an old part of our country.

With a whiff of bright apple green to wake us up a little.

Goodbye perfect Nantucket house on the beach. Stay beautiful.