Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miami Beach Chic via Pillows

I have been waiting a long to time to show you these!  When Cindy brought this look home from the show in New York, I went nuts!!

Remember when you first looked at a topographical map? Through the fog and confusion and the adjustments your brain was making as it was trying to make sense of it, did you have any inkling what a great piece of art it could be? And to have this cool art of the most beautiful islands and peaceful beaches in all the world on a pillow?

What a fantastic way to remember your vacation, or to keep the fantasy alive for your dream destination. Hawaii anyone? Each pillow comes in your choice of colors: sand or blue.

Now you need to see the vision:  Imagine these pillows adding a little life to this penthouse in Miami Beach:


Or here ...


These unique, modern pillows want to live in your modern beach home.

And guess what?  I have more.

They come in modern art prints!! I am imagining a wall collage of the 8x10 prints, framed in black.  But you don't have to imagine it.  You can get them over at StylishBeachHome.com.  These come in a variety of sizes and framing options.

Bahamas Print

Sanibel Island Print

Surround yourself with the world's most beautiful beaches!  And Pin them if you love them!!