Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Easy Halloween Treats for the Lazy Party Planner

OK, so Halloween is just a few days away, and if you're like me you have done nothing to prepare. I don't know about you, but I have a crowd of cuties coming to my house expecting interesting and spooky treats before they head out to brave the haunted path that ends in Sugar Nirvana, and if I know what's good for me I'd best provide.

So I went in search of the 7 easiest Halloween treats, cross-referenced with cuteness, cleverness, and originality. I tried to cover the basics: mummies, ghosts, witches, vampires, body parts, and excretions. What can I say, I aim to please.

1. Poop
Yeah, that word. I'm sorry about that. We try to be classy around here, but if you're looking to rate your success in the loudness of the laughter and the pitch of the squeals, you just can't do "easy" any better than "pumpkin poop" or "ghost poop." It takes no baking skills at all, but if you can write something funny (or Google something funny) you are golden. And none of the kids are even going to complain that you didn't slave over a hot stove all day. What kid doesn't relish having permission to eat "raw" marshmallows right out of the bag? It's as if they were in the pantry for 10 whole minutes. Alone. Without being caught. Score!

2. Ghost Jello
Again, no baking skills necessary, but you will very likely be a very popular host if you are giving your guests a very large dollop of whipped cream to plow through.


3. Pretzel Mummies
These come in a ghost version too, but I just can't resist the mummies. Easy peasy! All you need are pretzel rods, white melting chocolate, (Be sure to follow the incredible slow directions for melting it. It will pay off.) and mini chocolate chips to complete the look.


4. Vampire Cupcakes
I love how it can take you a second to "get it" on this one. Kids will think you are a genius, and all you did was make a couple of holes and add some red gel icing. There are versions where the middle is red velvet cake, and I have linked up to a tutorial that has the middle "bleeding" but it's not necessary to get this effect. If you are pressed for time, take the shortcut! They won't notice!

How to:

5. Frankenstein Cake
This might take a bit of talent in the baking and decorating department, but it doesn't look too hard, right? It's a sheet cake, for crying out loud, so you don't even have to be a good baker! In my mind, the bonus of this one is that you make one thing, feed a crowd, and dust your hands off satisfied with your work. No assembly line decorating necessary.


6. Spooky Bones
These bones give me the creeps. Which is a very good sign. These would be a great companion to the Pretzel Mummies because they both require the melting chocolate and pretzel rods. Besides, I'll bet they taste great, if "regular" chocolate covered pretzels are any clue.


7. Meringue Ghosts
If you have a reason to serve a gluten-free treat, these fit the bill. They are super cute, too! I have included the photo credit, because that is the right thing to do, but I also included a recipe that I thought was an easier version. (If you are compiling a list of treats for lazy people, you do not leave them with a recipe that calls for a type of sugar I have never seen in my local grocery store.)

How To // Photo Credit

 8. Witch Hat Cookies
Here is another one for the non-bakers among us. This is an absolutely no-bake treat for Halloween. It's easy to see you'll need to assemble Hershey's Kisses, icing, and striped fudge cookies to get these cute little witch hats ready for your party.

How to:
Each of these treats would be a cinch to put together at the last minute, but you might need a few ingredients. I can't do everything for you people, gah! ;) Grab a few ingredients this weekend while you're out and then forget about it till the last minute. (Hey, I almost called this 7 Easy Halloween Treats for Procrastinators.) And when you're running around at the last minute, scrambling to get these simple Halloween treats together, know that I am right there with you. There is a reason I compiled this list!