Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Perfect Bed in 5 Simple Steps: Part 2

Yesterday's post covered the building blocks of what it takes to create the perfect bed which will cradle you thoroughly in a nest of luxury and warmth. Today, I would like to address the design, color, and texture elements of creating the perfect bed.

Step 1. Choose the right bed. Beds have personalities, and there are many choices available for every budget and style. When you choose, consider how the bedding will look on it once dressed: whether you will tuck or drape, and whether or not you will need a bed skirt. Also make sure that it connects with the rest of the decor in the room.

The City Queen Size Bed

Amelie Bed [Available upon request: StylishBeachHome at]

Manse Four Poster Queen Bed [Available upon request: StylishBeachHome at]

Step 2. Consider Color: Whether you are looking for conformity or contrast, your bed is most likely the central focal point to your bedroom decor. Once you decide which direction your are going, take a cue from your current wall color, or paint with your goal in mind. Varying shades of one color create a monochromatic storm of color. In this case, you can vary your bedding with pattern and texture.

Color Conformity

Step 3. Alternate patterns. Whether you are going for solids, stripes, florals, geometrics, or some of everything, be sure to limit yourself to a few good ones and always juxtapose one thing against something of a different variety or shade.

Step 3. Introduce Texture. This can be done by using bedding items that actually have texture, something you can feel with your hands. But there is visual texture too, as in these Bamboo Viscose Herringbone ThrowAlso consider adding texture with other elements surrounding the immediate space of the bed, such as accessories or rugs.

Step 4. The Head. Draw the eyes of your admirers right to the head of the bed. Whether you are using a bed with a headboard, hanging stunning art, or installing a customized headboard, you will want to give lots of thought and attention to this part of your bed. Your headboard can set the mood, perhaps more than any other element! [Look for a post next week on creative and unique headboards.]

(We have many unique oars available.)

('s "Beachscape" is a handpainted scene on woven raffia canvas mounted on wood panel.)

Step 5. The Foot. Finish off your project with something unique and functional at the foot of the bed. A table, baskets, a bench, chairs, even a loveseat!

There is so much more to a beautifully designed bedroom, but if you can get the bed right, you are more than half way there!