Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Beach Home Tour: Ocean City, MD

After blogging about the 8 Best Places to Buy a Beach Home , I couldn't resist snooping around the real estate websites in search of a spectacular home to feature here on the blog. Who doesn't love a house tour? Of a dream house? Even better.

This house's exterior is cedar siding, which happens to be a weakness of mine, 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. It has all the other usual stuff too, but to list them would make you think this house is ordinary -- something it is most definitely NOT.

(All photos courtesy of MRIS.com)

Even from this vantage point, you can tell the views behind are going to be fabulous, can't you? They are.

And the views inside aren't bad either. Personally, I think the decor could use some updates from StylishBeachHome.com, but maybe the new owners will take care of that.  ;)

Imagine having so many ways to enjoy the view of the bay ...

When I look at this room, I can appreciate how that pool table might be a fun gathering spot for guests or family, but I can only think about it for a second because that fireplace just takes my breath away. Do you see that interesting nook on the side ...

It houses your wood. Why is that so charming to me? "It's so Ma and Pa Ingalls."

What a haven this bed and bath combo is! I imagine the warm, bright sun waking me on a fall morning as I come to the double doors to fling open the luxurious drapes to enjoy my priceless view.

Outdoor kitchen? Check!

Screened porch? Check!

Wait, before you go!  One more look at the deck view of the bay ... ahhhh!