Thursday, October 10, 2013

Black and White Decor

Sometimes a space calls for simply black and white decor. Nothing more is needed, especially if the architecture speaks for itself. If your home lacks architecture, adding architecture in your lighting and accessories can omit the need for color. There is certainly something calming in the black and white color scheme.

Black and White sitting room

[You can get that Vector Ceiling Lamp or the similar Inertia chandelier light for yourself at Other metal floor lamps here.]

I have a huge crush on black and white stripes -- I have Roman shades just like these pillows hanging on my windows in our breakfast room.

Black and White living room

There is always black and white with a pop of color ... irresistible! Take a look, the options are endless:

Black and White and Red
Black and White Pop of color

Black and White and Red kitchen

[ The Nebula Ceiling Lamp looks very similar to the one in the photo above.]

And that pop of color could be grey! (Am I the only one tired of seeing that light fixture everywhere? Here is an alternative.)

Black and white and grey

Black and white and turquoise

Black and White and Green