Thursday, November 14, 2013

Luxury Beach Homes of Your Dreams

Sometimes I feature realistic beach homes. Nice beach homes, but realistic for at least a portion of the population.

But today, I am featuring luxury beach homes of your dreams because sometimes it's just fun to look at what money and imagination can get for you. Luxury, oceanfront, beach homes. Who would turn down a chance to look at these?

There is a probably a motorized glass wall that encloses the exposed bedroom and living room in this home. I don't know about riding out a hurricane in a room like that, but every other day of the year ... yes, please.

This house seems to be an island all on its own, with water in all directions. Solitude and luxury, what a nice combination.

luxury beach homes

I believe the beach starts just over the deck rails. I love the grass they planted around this beach home. If I imagine myself in this "yard" I think it would feel a little bit like being on a movie set. Such perfect grass is hard to find so close to a beach, and I think that is why something so ordinary seems so luxurious.

Modern Luxury beach house

Opulence.  That is all I can think of when I look at this. Swimming in your perfect pool while overlooking the perfect ocean.

Beach Front property

I can hardly even wrap my brain around the two levels of living space, outdoor space and pools in this photo.

luxury beach home

Throwing in a bit of old world charm and culture here ...

luxury beach home
It's hard to tell for sure, but this home might fit into the category of "reasonable." However, judging from the spectacular location, it gets the "luxury" tag in my book.

Windows, windows!! Every home should have as many windows as possible. Maybe I was a pet fish in a former life?

Don't miss the outdoor fireplace or oven way over there, and the little seating area right at the edge of the pool.  It's all about the details!

I have featured this house before. I couldn't help throwing it in again because it's one of my all-time faves.

Thanks for dreaming with me today. Now get back to work!  :-)