Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Staging Your Home for the Holidays, Part 3

We are in the final stages (pardon that pun too!) of analyzing what you can do to get your home ready for the holidays using professional home staging techniques. These steps are the most fun because the visual impact of them is the biggest, and the mood is completed.

First and foremost you want to ...

Declutter. Take down or move those piles of things that have been sitting on your "hot spots" -- your flat surfaces that just tend to collect the junk. Ideally, you would go through them and sort it right here and now, and see this as sort of a "spring cleaning" for the holidays. However, time is of the essence in completing your staging for the holidays, so if you can't tackle the project now, place the clutter in a box (clearly labeled) and put it in a closet or basement. I recommend going immediately to your calendar and making an appointment with yourself at some later date to go through it, so that "out of sight" doesn't end up being "out of mind" and something important gets left unattended.
Remember you are acting like the stage crew for a play ... every piece in the room should contribute to the story, the beauty, the mood ... everything else should go. If it's functionally necessary, find a way to disguise it in a cupboard or cabinet nearby. Throw away that old sponge, upgrade your kitchen towels, away with the pile of papers!

Staging home for the holidays
Houston Interior Designers & Decorators

Staging your home for the holidays
Robert Young Architects

Room Transformations: If you have a room that has become your "junk room" or otherwise wasted space, consider re-purposing it into something unique and useful to you and your holiday guests. Some families prefer to eat in the eat-in kitchen, so their dining room could easily become an entertainment area.

Room with pool table
Butler Armsden Architects

Add a loveseat or an armchair to a small space or a stairwell nook to create a cozy corner just right for a houseguest, a glass of wine, and a book. Rugs and throws make it look complete.

Cozy reading nook

Cozy reading nook

Even if you already have a table in a room, consider a smaller table nestled beneath two windows or in a corner space to create a cozy nook perfect for a chess match, a game of checkers, or two pals that need a quiet moment to catch up.

Cozy nook
Amy Lau Design

Accessorize: This is one of the biggest and least expensive ways to transform a room. Add accent pieces in trios and other odd number pairings to create a focal point or a vignette.

Vignette beach theme

Look through your yard to see what flowers, foliage, and even branches could be used to bring a little of the outdoors in.

Fresh flowers on the mantle

Beach Theme mantle

Make you linens soft, luxurious, bright colors, or soft colors, depending on whether you are trying to soothe or wow your guests. You can make you bathrooms feel like a spa with a few towels

Accessorize BathroomAccessorize Bathroom

And you bedrooms have that getaway feel of a bed and breakfast with luxurious sheets and bedding.

Cozy bedding
Staging room cozy bedding

See our two part post on how to get the perfect bed in 5 easy steps: Part 1 and Part 2

Now that you know how to get your home that perfect look for your guests for the holidays, you can get to work, knowing that you will be creating the entertaining capital for your family and friends to spend the holidays.