Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Decorating With Gray or Grey

Some beaches have blue water, but many have grey, foamy, earthy appeal.  Grey (or gray) is most certainly a coastal color, and is very popular in the world of decorating right now.  We are going to take a look at the bold side, the beachy side, the calm side, and the dramatic side of grey.  

Bold Grey

grey walls gray walls

beach home accessories
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Have no fear if you want to go bold with this color. Sometimes, an accent wall is all you need, balanced with plenty of whites and earth tones. You will see this is an oft' paired duo: browns and greys.

grey room gray room

beach home accessories
Clockwise: Canary Ceiling Lamp | Ivory Silky Shag Rug | Nob Hill Chair | Bamboo Viscose Sheets

To pull out grey's beach side, pair with other colors of the ocean.  These simple additions of turquoise color pops add a whole new dimension to the light almost sandy grey tone.

Coastal Grey

grey with a pop of turquoise

(Psst!  That beautiful Blue French Script pillow was featured in the April Issue of Coastal Living Magazine!)

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Grey can be calming in both dark or light colors.  It's all about the pairing.  If you go dark, balance it with lots of white accents and trim.  If you go light, remember the warm browns to keep its feet on the ground.

Calm Grey

It is easy to feel the calmness of this room, with its greys and browns.  Simplicity rules, which seems to come with the territory with grey.  Have you ever seen cluttered decorating with grey?

grey dining room

Beach House dining room
Clockwise: Fillmore Table | Granite Ceiling Lamp | Andes Jute Rug | Match Chair

Deep grey walls

Beach house bedroom accessories
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Grey's elegance come out mainly when it shows up in accessories.  Silver, glass, shiny items ... they all rest comfortably in the arms of grey.

Dramatic Grey

Dramatic grey
grey accessories

Silver candlesticks, furry blankets, glass accessories ... all done really well in this setting.

beach house living room
beach house accessories

Plush carpet, velveteen pillows, shiny pillows, glass and silver tables and accessories.  When you list it like that you'd think it would all be too much.  But when you SEE it ... ahhh.

I have saved this one for last because it has so many fab elements all perfectly meshed in this room.  I {heart} this grey couch and light grey club chairs and I feel like I must have brick inside my home sometime in my life.  Besides that, the rug, paint color, tile, lighting, pillows are all working for me.  I can't quite figure out  what is going on through the doorway into the next room (mirror on the wall?) but I just love it.  And the bar stools are one of a kind.

grey living room