Friday, August 30, 2013

Interview about the NY NOW show.

I sat down with my fantastic business partner, Cindy, and asked her to talk about her experience at the NY NOW show, formerly the NYIGF show, where she went in search of great items for I can tell you, from my vantage point things look excellent, and I am so excited and confident in the items she has identified for us to offer you.
Cindy has a lot of experience in decorating; it has been a passion of hers for years.  Additionally, her artistic eye is sharp and able to recognize subtle beauty, to-the-minute trends, and an item's unique possibilities in beach home decorating. And don't underestimate her attention to quality; Cindy understands which artisans and companies create items that are a great fit for Stylish Beach Home clients both in form, function, and caliber.

Please pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and join in the conversation with Cindy and me.  The future is exciting and bright.

Natalee: Did you enjoy the show?
Cindy: Absolutely!! What’s not to LOVE about NYC and shopping :)
After combing the entire “Home” floor, I was completely exhausted. Day 2, I had fresh eyes (and feet) and continued onward on my quest for the best of the best.

How big was the show?
Huge!!! I’ve been to shows at the Javits Center before, but this was quadruple the size!  3 full floors, including an additional space at the Pier. 3,000 companies exhibited for home furnishings alone! There were 35,000 attendees. Very well organized, I might add.

What kinds of things did you see there?
The show was divided into 4 sections:

Home: which included home furnishings + textiles, interior décor, table top + gourmet housewares.

Handmade: limited production items, and international products.

Lifestyle:  Not a huge focus for SBH, included gifts, baby + child, personal care + wellness and personal accessories.
New York NEW: the freshest of ideas and products.

What were the trends in home décor that you saw?
Monochromatic: Multiple shades of a single hue, including a mix of patterns and textures in the same hue.

Vintage Modern: What’s old is new again. Aged woods and patina finishes.

Neo Traditonal: Combining traditional patterns with modern elements. Large scale, bold and beautiful.

Mix of cultures: A fusion of colors and textures from around the world. Many items  were handmade.

Also, shiny metallic gold is very in!

What were the trends specific to coastal decorating styles?
100% Turkish cotton towels, like our Fouta towels … I love them! 

Also: beachy, weathered rustic wood frames and furniture;
Gorgeous shell creations: mirrors, frames, candlesticks. Each one is a work of art. 
Pale blue glass bottles. Crisp, contrasting patterns and fabrics. Rafia, sawgrass woven fabrics. Mediterranean blues. And fish! On tableware, pottery, etc. Fabulous.

Was social responsibility an important thing you were thinking about as you were looking for new items for SBH? Were there many green options?
Yes, most definitely. I love to support a company that gives back. One company in mind creates luxurious alpaca scarves, blankets and throws. These pieces are handmade by Peruvian Artisans and not only are they amazing but they ensure the financial independence of several families who are being paid fairly to create these stunning pieces of art. I loved that the girl at the booth was also donating her time! Good leads to Good.

Another company that I loved used recycled feed bags to make beach bags, storage bins, purses and totes. It caught my eye because of the fish on the feed bags. Perfectly beachy.

What was your impression of the quality of the products you felt would be a good fit for SBH?
I would only look at products that fit our “brand” and quality of If it wasn’t a good fit, I moved on…girl’s gotta find the best of the best!

What inspired you the most?
The mix of clean lines and vintage products. I am a lover of good design. Also, I met some really genuinely nice people. Always good. :)

What were you looking for?
I was looking for table and bed linens, beach towels, beachy accent items, anything that might catch my eye ;)

What should our customers look forward to?

Great shell collection accents, frames & works of art; gorgeous accents & table centerpieces; modern & beachy artwork, vibrant colors and good design.
All of the fabulousness! :)

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