Friday, August 30, 2013

National Marshmallow Toasting Day

Don't ask me how they come up with this stuff, folks.  I'm just here trying to find awesome things for you to celebrate for legitimate reasons.

So in honor of National Marshmallow Toasting Day, here are 5 awesome things you may not know about marshmallows:

1. They used to be medicine - a sore throat remedy. OK, to be fair it was an herb that was used this way, but that same plant's gummy substance begot marshmallows in the first place.

2. Some marshmallows contain eggs, so those with egg allergies, beware!

3. Speaking of allergens, the Egyptians used to make their own version of the marshmallow with extracts of the plant's sap mixed with nuts and honey.

4. Fries might not be French, but did you know marshmallows are?  The French were the ones who made it like the confection that we know it today.

5. Kraft Foods (in conjunction with  Doumak, Inc which holds the patent for the extrusion process by which they are manufactured) makes most of the current brands of marshmallows that are currently available, including Jet-Puffed, Campfire, Kidd and numerous "private label" store brands

Now go about your day enlightened about marshmallows, and go toast some with a loved one tonight!


P.S. If you scratch and sniff that little guy up top he really smells like toasted marshmallow!  Hee hee